Child Custody

Indianapolis Child Custody Lawyers

If you are a parent who is experiencing a divorce, you no doubt have concerns regarding the care and custody of your children. As skilled Indianapolis child custody lawyers, we listen to the concerns of parents and seek favorable parenting time and visitation agreements that protect their rights as well as the best interests of their children.

At Cohen Garelick & Glazier, we work closely with parents to find successful results to child custody and visitation matters. We handle initial determinations of custody as well as modifications and enforcement actions. If you would like to discuss your child custody and visitation concerns, contact a Hamilton County visitation attorney at our firm to schedule a consultation.

Determining Parenting Time With Respected Indiana Child Custody Attorneys

There are several ways in which parenting time can be divided. There are two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the children live. Legal custody refers to decisions made regarding the child's education, religion, health care and other issues. It is common for parents to have joint physical as well as legal custody. If one parent has sole physical custody, the noncustodial parent will be awarded visitation.

As experienced Indianapolis child custody lawyers, we recognize that every parent and every situation are different. There is no one single approach that works for every client. Rather, it is necessary to formulate child custody arrangements on a case-by-case basis, considering the best interests of those particular children.

Child Custody Modification

Our Indianapolis child custody lawyers also handle child custody modification. If you would like to propose a change in custody, or if you would like to contest a change in custody, we can assist you. A modification to child custody may be granted when there has been a substantial change in material condition. For example, if one parent wants to relocate to another part of the state or the country or even internationally, parenting time may need to change.


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