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Post-Divorce Modification

All orders regarding a child, including custody, parenting time (visitation), and child support can be modified when a modification is in a child’s best interests. Determining what is in a child’s best interest is difficult and often emotional. Our family law attorneys at Cohen Garelick & Glazier will effectively represent you and your child’s best interests in modification proceedings.

When financial or other circumstances change, child support may be modified. This can include a change in employment or income, or in the parenting time schedule. Indiana has Child Support Guidelines and Rules, which guide the determination of child support. That determination is often more than a simple calculation. Our family law attorneys at Cohen Garelick & Glazier understand the complexities of the Child Support Guidelines, and we want to advocate for you regarding how much child support you will pay or receive. Every family and every child is unique, and we think of advocating for you regarding modifying child custody and parenting time as an art, not a science. Our attorneys will successfully evaluate this and present evidence to a court in a modification proceeding when needed.

Modifying parenting time when a parent intends to relocate the parent’s and/or the child’s residence is particularly tricky. Our attorneys who have handled many relocation cases can give you sound and direct advice about the likelihood of success in a relocation case and guide you in mediation if necessary.

Matters regarding the division of assets and debts are generally not modifiable after a divorce has become final. The exception to this is when fraud has occurred. In such a case, we will advise you about matters regarding the fraud and whether a division of assets and debts can be modified.




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