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Contempt and Enforcement

Settlement agreements and court orders are not self-enforcing. Often, people do not follow what they have been ordered to do or have agreed to do. People are accused of not following a court order at times. When this happens, a request is filed with the court to enforce the order or agreement. Sometimes, especially in matters involving children, courts are asked to hold a person in contempt of court for violating a court order.

Our family law lawyers have years of experience in handling all types of enforcement and contempt proceedings. Contempt and enforcement cases include parenting time issues, disputes about how decisions regarding children will be made, non-payment of child or spousal support, payment of debts, sale of assets such as real estate, and many others.

Sometimes, contempt and enforcement issues can be worked out outside of court. It is often more cost-effective to consult an attorney early on, so you can prevent a small issue from becoming a bigger problem.




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