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A paternity case refers to cases involving a child born to parents who are not married or an unclear identity of the child’s biological father. Paternity can be established by signing a paternity affidavit after the child is born or by filing a petition to establish paternity with a court.

It is essential to know that signing a paternity affidavit establishes a legal obligation concerning custody, parenting time, and child support. Once signed, the paternity affidavit can only be withdrawn within a limited amount of time.

When paternity is agreed upon, the parties can also submit to the court an agreement establishing paternity and providing orders on custody, child support, parenting time, and other child-related issues. If paternity is in dispute, genetic testing is commonly ordered.

Parents may have lived together for many years or just a few months after a child is born before the family dynamics change, and the parents separate. In this case, parents may need to obtain an order concerning support, custody, and parenting time either by agreement or from the court. The family law attorneys of Cohen Garelick & Glazier will represent you and the best interests of your child in paternity proceedings.




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