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Spousal Support

Spousal support is a type of financial assistance paid by one spouse while a case is pending, or once a case is determined to assist the payment of household and daily living expenses of the other spouse. Often, the court will order temporary spousal maintenance to maintain the status quo while a divorce is pending. Generally, this means that the working spouse or possibly the spouse that earns a higher wage is ordered to pay an amount to the other spouse to allow the continued payment of household expenses and obligations.

Spousal support can also be agreed upon or granted at the final hearing in a divorce as part of a final settlement. There are three specific grounds for spousal support in Indiana:

  1. If the parties have a child who is disabled and in need of continued care by a parent
  2. If a party’s ability to work is materially affected by being disabled mentally or physically
  3. If a party wishes to return to the workforce and needs further education or training to do so (rehabilitative spousal maintenance, capped at no more than three years in duration)

As Indiana is not an alimony state, it is critical to discuss the precise grounds under which one may seek spousal maintenance with a seasoned family law attorney. Our divorce attorneys at Cohen Garelick & Glazier are here to represent our clients involved in complex issues related to divorce.




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