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Child Support

Child support cases are not as simple as one may think. In addition to each parent’s income, an appropriate child support calculation includes a credit to the parent for payment of health insurance on behalf of the child(ren), a credit for parenting time, a credit for payment of childcare expenses, and prior and subsequent born children.

Often, one or both parents may not hold a typical W-2 paying job. Some parents are self-employed or work contract jobs where the calculation of income includes deductions or other variables. At Cohen Garelick & Glazier, our family law attorneys have handled many cases where complex income situations were at play. We will work to ensure that child support is determined based upon the Indiana Child Support Guidelines and an accurate representation of the income of both parents.

We also handle post-divorce issues involving modification and enforcement. Modification to child support may be granted when there has been a substantial change in material conditions such as a drastic change in a parent’s income. In case a parent is refusing or delaying the determined child support, we can also assist the other parent in enforcement actions to obtain the court-ordered child support.




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