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Non-Compete Agreements

Also known as “covenants not to compete” or “restrictive covenants,” a non-compete agreement is a contract designed to protect the rights of employers and employees. A non-compete agreement ensures:

  • The employer does not have an unfair advantage over the employee
  • The employee does not unfairly compete against the employer
  • The employer’s trade secrets are protected
  • The employee has the right to work in his or her trained occupation

Our end goal is to protect our clients’ rights. With our comprehensive experience of employment law, we engage in contract negotiation on behalf of our clients to help them arrive at fair and balanced agreements.

With decades of experience, our employment lawyers craft enforceable contracts that accurately protect trade secrets, confidential information, and business goodwill.

Our attorneys prepare non-compete agreements based on the latest developments in non-compete law. As a result, we have successfully enforced non-compete agreements for many employers and employees in several industries, including medical, dental and other health care providers, and facilities, sales, management, personnel, and manufacturing.




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