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Employment Litigation

As a business owner or employer, the successful resolution of an employment dispute can be vital to your ongoing business operations. As an employee, it can be a matter of protecting your future career and your rights as an individual.

With a keen awareness of each side of employment matters, we strive to resolve employment law disputes efficiently, effectively, and fairly. As skilled trial lawyers, we also take pride in our ability to anticipate the other party’s concerns and obtain favorable resolutions for our clients.

The need for representation by an employment litigation attorney can arise due to many types of disputes involving:

  • Discrimination claims:

    Whether you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace or you are an employer with an employee claiming that he or she is the victim of discrimination, we carefully assess all claims of discrimination and determine the best course of action. Possible discrimination claims include:

    • Gender discrimination
    • Age discrimination
    • Religious discrimination
    • Sexual orientation discrimination
    • Disability discrimination[JC1] [KS2]
  • Sexual harassment claims:

    We represent employees who are victims of sexual harassment, employers who have been accused of sexual harassment, and employers of employees who have been accused of sexual harassment.

  • Wrongful termination:

    We litigate claims of wrongful termination where the termination breaches one or more items on the employment contract.

  • Employment agreements disputes:

    For disputes involving a non-compete agreement and other types of employment agreement, we litigate on behalf of employers and employees.

In addition to traditional litigation, we also handle dispute resolution through administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, and appeals.




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