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Employee Benefits

Employee benefit matters are one of the top concerns for both employees and employers. They often play an important role in attracting and motivating employees, which can influence the bottom line of your business. 

With today’s fast-changing demographics and regulations in the business world, it is critical to always be ready to handle the many aspects of employee benefits.

That’s why our employee benefit lawyers who understand the intricacies of employee benefit laws are here to help you provide a healthy, successful workplace.

Our employee benefit attorneys provide legal support for issues regarding the following areas of employee benefits:

  • Compensation and benefits aspects of acquisitions and mergers
  • ERISA’s fiduciary duty and prohibited transaction rules
  • Tax-qualified retirement plans
  • Tax issues associated with executive compensation
  • Litigation related to employee compensation
  • Plan terminations and withdrawal liability
  • Employment and severance agreements and employee manuals
  • Employee stock purchase plans
  • Stock compensation plans
  • Executive compensation




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