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Non-compete agreements are used by employers to limit their employee's ability to unfairly compete against them. Also known as covenants not to compete or restrictive covenants, these agreements must be carefully drafted to ensure the employer does not have an unfair advantage over the employee, to ensure the employer's trade secrets are protected and to ensure the employee has the right to work in his or her trained occupation.

Cohen Garelick & Glazier in Indianapolis, Indiana, recognizes the give and take that often exists in employment contracts. We engage in contract negotiation on behalf of employers and employees, using our comprehensive knowledge to protect our clients' rights. Contact an Indianapolis non-compete agreement attorney at our firm to arrange a consultation regarding your specific question or concern.

Legal Help Regarding Indiana Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement can dictate the actions of a former employee seeking work and can ensure the employer's trade secrets and client lists are protected. When reviewing, drafting and negotiating such agreements, our Indianapolis non-compete agreement attorneys strive to arrive at fair and balanced outcomes. Additionally, we strive to craft enforceable restrictive covenants that accurately protect trade secrets, confidential information and business good will. Our decades of experience litigating, arbitrating and mediating non-competition agreements provides us with keen insight in drafting restrictive covenants that are fair and enforceable. We are constantly keeping current on new developments in non-competition agreement law and incorporating those new concepts into the non-compete agreements we prepare for our clients. When disputes arise, our experience in drafting and negotiating non-competes and our knowledge of non-competition law agreement law gives us the tools needed to be successful in enforcing or preventing enforcement of restrictive covenants. We have decades of experience litigating non-compete agreements for both employers and employees. We have successfully enforced non-competition agreements for employers in several different fields and industries, including medical, dental and other health care providers and facilities, sales, management, personnel and manufacturing. Similarly, we have successfully litigated dozens of cases where we defeated enforcement of non-competes for employees.

In addition to drafting, reviewing and negotiating non-compete agreements, we engage in employment litigation when disputes arise regarding agreements.

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