Helping You with Business and Personal Contracts

Our society benefits from contracts for both business and personal purposes. Every significant purchase involves a contract. Real estate transactions require contracts. Offering employment or accepting employment often involves a contract. In some cases, even the details of personal relationships are spelled out in contracts.

The contract attorneys at Cohen Garelick & Glazier provide comprehensive contract drafting and review services to businesses and individuals throughout central Indiana. Our goal is to protect your financial interests while minimizing the risk of future litigation through meticulous attention to detail in the drafting and review of contracts.

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Insight into What Goes Wrong-Helps Us Get It Right

Our attorneys bring a remarkable wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge to the practice of contract law. In addition to decades of business law and contract experience, many of our lawyers also handle cases of contract litigation in court. We see the results of incomplete or vague contract language. When we draft a contract, we keep in mind how that contract will look in court, should a dispute arise. We work to ensure our clients avoid legal battles.

Business Contracts

Personal Contracts

There are a number of circumstances under which an individual might want a lawyer to draft a contract or to review the terms of a contract to ensure their interests are protected. At Cohen Garelick & Glazier represent individual clients in situations such as:

Bradley H. Cohen

Jeffrey A. Adams

Michael Bishop

Michael P. Bishop

MaryEllen K. Bishop

Steven M. Crell

Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Charles A. Cohen

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